Alpina Animating the BMW 3 Series Again, Meet the 2025 B3

2025 Alpina B3 25 photos
Photo: Baldauf/autoevolution
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Is the BMW M3 the 3er that gets your heart racing? Maybe, if you forget that the Alpina B3 also exists. The latest iteration has been around for nearly two years, and it is about to undergo cosmetic surgery again.
Our spy photographers recently captured the 2025 Alpina B3 at the Nurburgring. It wasn't only the four-door sedan that became the focus of the camera lens, but the five-door station wagon (touring), too, both featuring strips of camouflage at the front and rear.

The differences are minor, and you would probably need a side-by-side comparison with the current one to spot them. Nevertheless, the placement of the vinyl stickers is a good indication that the upcoming B3 will feature different front and rear bumpers.

Alpina's designers took care of the front bumper's central section. The side vents below the headlamps seem a tad smaller, and we reckon the apron was also revised. The rear diffuser still has a four-fin styling and cutouts for the quad exhaust tips. The trunk lid and spoiler also look the same, and so do the headlamps, taillights, and rear reflectors.

For what it’s worth, the brand's famous multi-spoke alloys are identical, yet that is no surprise, given that this is a signature feature of the car, alongside the blue and green paint finishes and a few other bits and bobs. Chances are we might be looking at several chassis tweaks, as Alpina would further need to justify the makeover in addition to the visual differences.

2025 Alpina B3
Photo: Baldauf
We expect software revisions for the 14.9-inch infotainment system inside and maybe the digital gauge cluster as well. Alpina's logo will decorate the steering wheel, door sills, and other components. Elsewhere, the refreshed B3 should be the same as the regular 3er on which it builds.

Power comes from the same 3.0-liter six-pot, which makes 488 hp (495 ps/364 kW) and 538 pound-foot (730 Nm) in the current Alpina B3. As a result, it is 15 hp (15 ps/11 kW) punchier than the standard M3 and 15 hp (15 ps/11 kW) less powerful compared to the M3 Competition. The facelifted iteration may pack a bit more punch, yet it won't step on the M3 Competition's toes. However, in all likelihood, the output and thrust will be identical.

The model features xDrive all-wheel drive, a recalibrated eight-speed auto ‘box, and a diesel variant with a 3.0L six-cylinder unit that develops 350 hp (355 ps/261 kW) and 538 lb-ft (730 Nm) of torque. The 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) takes 3.6 seconds in the B3 Sedan and 3.7 seconds in the B3 Touring, whereas the diesel, which is known as the D3 S, can reach 62 in 4.6 and 4.8 seconds for the Sedan and Touring, respectively.

More details about it should unravel in the next months as the testing and fine-tuning phase advances, and who knows, maybe we will see a few leaked images of it eventually. The official unveiling date hasn't been announced yet, but our spy photographers believe it might be due sometime next year. Thus, fans of ICE-powered sports sedans have something to be excited about, especially since the Alpina B3 doesn't feature a bucktooth grille like the M3, so it looks more classy in our honest opinion. So, if you had to choose between the M3 and Alpina's B3, which one would you pick?

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