BMW M3 Sedan Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 5
First production year: 1994
Engines: Gasoline

2020 - Present

The BMW M3 was one of the most iconic models in the German's brand lineup. It was the car that M-madness in the mid-'80s and it continued ever since. After BMW decided to split its 3-series in two, with the 4-Series for the coupe versions and the 3-Series for the Sedan and station-wagon versions, the rumors about the retirement of an M3 version started to spread. But the M3 didn't die; it just got better. The seventh generation of the BWM 3 Series was introduced in 2018, but the M3 fans had to wait for another two years to get the top-spec version. The 2020 M3 featured a...

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gasoline engines:

  BMW M3 Sedan (G80) 3.0L 6MT (480 HP)

  BMW M3 Sedan (G80) Competition 3.0L 8AT (510 HP)


2017 - 2018

Almost three decades after introducing the E30 M3 Evolution, BMW launched a special version for the F80 M3: the M3 CS. BMW had a long history of making light, agile cars derived from the M3. It all started in 1988 with the M3 Evolution and continued with the M3-CSL, CRT, or the GTR. In 2017, the German carmaker introduced a new special version of the M3: the CS. It was lighter, with better weight distribution and more power than the regular version. On top of that, it moved the speed limiter from 155 mph (250 kph) to 174 mph (280 kph). Both the hood and the roof were made out of carbon...

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gasoline engines:

  BMW M3 CS (F80) 3.0 7AT (460 HP)


2014 - 2018

After four generations with M3 in various forms, the fifth-generation of the performance model from BMW was available as a four-door sedan only. The German car-maker decided to name the coupe versions with even numbers. So, the 3-Series coupe became 4-Series. But that didn't mean to throw away the M3 badges. Those were applied to the four-door BMW 3-Series. In 2014, BMW announced the sportiest version of the 3-Series, the M3. On the outside, it looked different than the rest of the stable, featuring a new front bumper with a bigger spoiler and wider side-pods as air-intakes. On th...

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gasoline engines:

  BMW M3 (F80) 3.0L 6MT (431 HP)

  BMW M3 (F80) 3.0L 7AT (431 HP)


2008 - 2011

The fourth generation of the M3 and the third generation of the four-door M3 was introduced in 2007 and it was the benchmark in the sport-sedan market. It was the car to beat. The M3 history started in the '80s with a car built for the street to receive the FIA type approval for the track. The successful E30 M3 was produced only as a two-door vehicle and its successor, the E36 M3, received a four-door version. After that, all of the other M3s were available like that as well as coupe or convertible. The M3 sedan was easy to differentiate from a standard sedan. In the front, there ...

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1994 - 1998

BMW introduced the second generation of the M3 in 1992 as a coupe, and two years later, it unveiled the four-door version for it. While the E30 M3 was available only as a coupe, the second generation was available with a four-door sedan and a convertible bodywork. Thus, those who needed a four-door vehicle that was fun to drive and sporty had the option to get one from the German automaker. Unlike its predecessor, the second generation of the M3 was more subtle. It took someone with a keen eye for detail to distinguish an M-version from a regular one. But there were a few details that ...

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