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Acura Recalls Almost 57,000 Cars in the US

Honda have announced a recall of 56,881 Acura TL sedans manufactured between 2007 and 2008. The total number of 56,881 represents 52,615 cars from the US and an additional 4,266 from Canada.
2008 Acura TL 1 photo
Apparently, the North American-made TL suffered from a problem with the power steering pump hose which could leak, and, over time, the engine bay could catch fire. Before catching fire, however, the deterioration of the hose could cause the power steering to fail, and thus cause a potentially fatal crash. Thankfully, no incidents related to this problem have been reported and we hope that things stay this way, before the actual repairs are set to take place, in mid-June.

Honda now have to send the 56,881 e-mails to notify the owners of the affected vehicles, so if you have an Acura TL made between 2007 and 2008, check your inbox.


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