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Abandoned, Secret Property Hides Big Hoard of Classic Cars, Rare Gems Included

When we talk about abandoned cars, we usually think of junkyards and barn finds. But from time to time, we stumble upon abandoned houses and properties that also hide classic cars in various states of decay. The house you're about to see below is one of them.
classic cars on abandoned U.K. property 8 photos
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As documented by YouTube's "The Bearded Explorer," this house has been destroyed by fire many years ago. And the owner abandoned the property, leaving most of the cars he had parked around the house behind. But while some vehicles burnt to a crisp, others were far enough for the blaze to escape untouched.

The location remains unknown as requested by the owner, but the British vlogger was allowed to explorer the premises and check out the cars. The place is pretty much packed with 1980s vehicles, but it also includes a handful of older Volkswagen Bus vans.

But the 1980s selection is far from mundane, as it includes a pair of Audi Quattros. These aren't incredibly rare (except for the short-wheelbase Sport Quattro version, of course), but they're increasingly hard to spot on public roads nowadays. There's also an Opel Manta in there, as well as a performance-oriented Ford Escort XR3i.

But the main highlights of this secret collection are tucked away in a small, barn-like garage. One of them is an MGB, perhaps the most iconic and valuable sports car built by MG. The other one is an Auto Union 1000.

Built by the company that eventually morphed into Audi in the 1980s, the 1000 was sold from 1958 to 1963 and became quite successful thanks to its stylish design and affordable price. Auto Union assembled more than 170,000 of these compacts before the nameplate was phased out and replaced by the DKW F102. The latter was superseded by the Audi 72 in 1969.

While not extremely rare in Germany and Central Europe, the Auto Union 1000 is a hard-to-find classic in Britain. And this example is in pretty solid condition on the outside and looks even better on the inside. Definitely one of the cars worth saving from this property.

But it seems that these vehicles will spend a few more years where they are, as the owner, who's in his 80s, doesn't want to let them go. All we can do for now is explore this place via the virtual tour in the video below.

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