A Few Splashes of Color Can Turn the Artura Into a Work of Art, According to McLaren

Germans and Brits are famously known in the automotive world for their jaw-dropping collabs. From the modern-day Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars that were developed with German know-how (ahem, BMW and VW, respectively) to using AMG engines in Aston Martins, name it, and it's probably been done.
McLaren Artura 12 photos
Photo: McLaren
McLaren ArturaMcLaren ArturaMcLaren ArturaCevin ParkerMcLaren ArturaCevin ParkerMcLaren ArturaCevin ParkerMcLaren ArturaMcLaren ArturaMcLaren Artura
McLaren, however, has taken a different approach, as their German ventures led them to a young artist: Cevin Parker. A Berlin resident, he's described as "a contemporary self-taught abstract artist," and since the Artura is all about the near future of the British auto marque, they allowed him to give it a splash of color via wrapping. The result is a lively-looking hybrid supercar, or "a work of art," according to the exotic car maker.

Speaking about the project, the brand's Market Director for Central Europe, Bastian Luehmann, said that Parker's use of "purple and yellow" make the Artura look "vibrant," symbolizing "creativity, individuality, energy, and optimism." As it happens, "all of them resonate with the Artura's dynamic personality." In turn, the young artist said he's "thrilled on having the opportunity to work with McLaren," as it mixes two of his biggest passions: "art and supercars" - and we definitely resonate with the latter.

The lively-wrapped McLaren Artura won't remain on the World Wide Web in the images that the company just released, which were taken in Berlin, Germany, as they will showcase it at various events all over the world. The Nit D'Arte in Palma de Mallorca and ART Basel in Miami will be two locations where the hybrid supercar will be displayed.

Unveiled two and a half years ago, the Artura is McLaren's first series production hybrid supercar (the P1's production was limited). It uses PHEV power, mixing a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 assisted by electricity and mated to an eight-speed DCT. The result is a combined 671 hp (680 ps/500 kW) and 531 lb-ft (720 Nm) of torque. The 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) acceleration takes 3.0 seconds, the spec sheet reveals, and from rest to 124 and 186 mph (200-300 kph), it needs 8.3 and 21.5 seconds, respectively. Keep the loud pedal pinned to the floor, and the speedometer will indicate 205 mph or 330 kph.

It's not all about performance, as the McLaren Artura can also travel on zero emissions. With the 7.4 kWh lithium-ion battery fully charged, it has an all-quiet driving range of 19 miles (31 km). The combined fuel consumption is rated at 51.1 mpg US (4.6 l/100 km), and it emits 104 g/km of CO2. The Artura is on sale in different markets all over the world, including the United States. Over here, it has a starting price of $237,500, and in the United Kingdom, it can be ordered from £189,200 (equaling $243,545).
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