73-Year-Old Man Takes Some Cocaine While Being Stopped for Traffic Violations

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, right? Well, this 73-year-old man from Seattle simply had to take a quick snort after he got pulled over by the local police.
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It all started with our unnamed driver getting stopped in traffic for not having his headlights on at night. Just a minor offense that would have gotten him nothing more than a warning, especially since his driving record was extremely clean.

Nic Abts-Olsen is the officer who noticed the silver Toyota driving with its lights off even though it was 8:30 PM in the winter, so the sun had gone down a long time before.

At first, the incident seemed to go very smoothly, with the officer acting very professionally and the driver complying with everything Mr. Abts-Olsen was telling him to do. However, after returning from the squad car to give the driver back his license and registration, the officer was welcomed by a very strange sight.

The very polite old man was about to treat himself to a little dose of cocaine. The knock on the car's window intended to grab his attention startled the 73-year-old who spilled the white powder all over his hands and the floor of his car. The officer was so intrigued by the whole situation that his reaction wasn't exactly "by the book."

"Are you kidding?" he said, almost in disbelief. The driver initially denied owning any cocaine, insisting instead that he had indeed some "vitamins." Since nobody bought the story with the snorting white powder vitamins, he did eventually confess to owning illegal substances and agreed that trying to indulge himself with some cocaine during a traffic stop wasn't the brightest idea he ever had. The man was arrested for narcotics possession and taken to King County Jail.

Well, at least the whole incident proved funny enough to convince Seattle Police Public Affairs to turn the recording of the incident into a holiday-themed clip. How appropriate. I mean, it did include an old man and lots of white powder...

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