7 Designs' Maserati MC20 "Aria" Aero Kit Takes Inspiration From the MC12

Penned by legendary designer Frank Stephenson, the MC12 is one of the rarest supercars of the modern era. Including the track-only model that won two constructors’ championships in the FIA GT, only 62 examples of the breed were made with underpinnings from the Ferrari Enzo.
7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit 8 photos
7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit7 Designs Maserati MC20 Aero Kit
Although it is rarer than hen’s teeth, the MC12 continues to fascinate to this day in terms of styling. The design influences carry over to the 7 Designs Aria aero kit for the MC20, coming courtesy of concept creator Siim Parn.

Produced entirely from carbon fiber, the go-faster package “invigorates the racing spirit the MC20 was hiding from the factory.” The roof-mounted air intake, humongous rear wing, and elaborate diffuser bring the point home, maximizing the visual drama of the successor to the limited-edition MC12.

Only 25 aero kits are offered for the entire world, and for the time being, the New York-based manufacturer doesn’t have a price tag to share. Considering the status of the MC20 in the lineup as well as the production costs of carbon-fiber parts, I’m willing to bet that we’re looking at $20,000 at the very least.

According to Frank Stephenson, the twin-turbo V6 supercar “needs to go to the gym to get to be a racing car. It’s very clinical, lacking a bit on the emotional side of design.” Even though it’s nowhere close to the MC12, the aero-kitted MC20 looks a lot more purposeful than the stock specification.

7 Design doesn’t offer any mods whatsoever for the twin-turbo V6 engine with 3.0 liters of displacement and turbulent jet ignition, but fret not because the aftermarket has got you covered. Novitec is one of the premier Maserati tuners out there, and their website lists MC20 upgrades as “coming soon.”

Based on the V8 used by Ferrari and V6 from Alfa Romeo, the force-fed engine in the MC20 develops 630 PS (621 horsepower) and 730 Nm (538 pound-feet) of torque. Combined with the relatively low curb weight of 1,470 kilograms (3,240 pounds), you can look forward to incredible performance.


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