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384,000 Honda Accord Models Going Under Scrutiny For Airbag Deployment Failure

Each month we hear about Honda adding new vehicles to their humongous recall list due to the notorious Takata faulty airbags, so the fact that the brand is under investigation due to airbag failure shouldn't raise any eyebrows.
2008 Honda Accord Interior 1 photo
However, sometimes things go South, and you end up with incidents and injuries caused by such malfunctions and truth be told, nobody wants that, neither carmakers nor owners.

Long story short, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into opening an investigation related to airbags failing to deploy, a malfunction that occurs in 2008 model year Honda Accord vehicles.

So far, 19 incidents have been reported, and the NHTSA is aware of all of them. Unluckily, one injury has also been recorded due to what is believed to be a malfunction of the airbag control module.

That's only one ugly side of the story, with the second one being related to the number of cars affected by this flaw. The NHTSA estimates 384,000 2008 Honda Accord in the US could have this issue, but up until this point we can't say for sure that a recall is on the line.

One of the reports involved a frontal crash event where the frontal airbags did not deploy. Unfortunately, the accident resulted in an injury to the driver and lone occupant, and the vehicle was subsequently inspected by the agency.

Here's how they describe the malfunction:

"According to the reports, the failure of the SRS module is indicated by the air bag readiness indicator lamp illuminating on the instrument panel. Several reports indicated that the SRS module was unable to communicate thus preventing diagnostic trouble codes from being retrieved. An inability of the SRS unit to communicate raises concern about the readiness of the entire supplemental restraints system. As a result, for vehicles with a failed SRS module, some or all of the air bags may be unavailable in a crash warranting deployment."

Two months ago, Honda expanded the Takata airbag-related recall campaign. At this point, the Japanese manufacturer has to replace around 2.3 million passenger front airbag inflators.


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