2018 Mercedes-Maybach E-Class Spy Video Still Doesn't Show the Point of This Car

First, there were rumors, then the car began to get spotted, and now we're certain is going to happen: the new E-Class will get its own Maybach version.
2018 Mercedes-Maybach E-Class 1 photo
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Well, yes, that does sound a little stupid, but we guess this became predictable the moment the Maybach name turned from a separate sub-brand to exactly that: a more luxurious version of a Mercedes-Benz model. That being said, the name will never be used on a car smaller than the E-Class, but a Mercedes-Maybach SUV? That's a whole different story.

But isn't the E-Class already one step too far? What's the point of placing a badge with so much historical value as the Maybach one on a car famous for being the number one choice for the German taxi drivers? How is that going to help the rest of the Maybach models? How does that provide extra value for the brand, which already has a pretty diluted image now that it's nothing more than a fancier Mercedes-Benz?

I think we all know the answer to these questions: it doesn't. The most likely scenario is that Mercedes-Benz was going to build a longer version of the E-Class anyway (for the Chinese market. I know, don't ask), so it figured it might as well trick a few dizzy-heads from the rest of the world into buying one as well by branding it Maybach. Of course, it will be more than just an E-Class with increased legroom for the rear passengers, but that still doesn't justify the Maybach name.

Mercedes had a very respected name in its portfolio, and instead of granting it a dignifying death, it chose to resurrect it now, but ended up with a zombie on its hands. We're not so self-infatuated as to pretend we know better than the marketing people at Mercedes and their research studies, but this is how their decisions look from our part of the world.

OK, back to the Mercedes-Maybach E-Class, it'll undoubtedly up the ante on refinement as well as comfort features, directed especially towards the rear seats. The driver will enjoy some high-power gasoline engines, but even though it'll have plenty of oomph, the focus will be set on ride comfort. The E-Class Maybach is expected sometime next year. Well, the three of four people who are actually looking forward to it are.

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