2017 SEAT Cordoba Rendering Is an Ibiza Sedan

The SEAT Ibiza has been in production for nearly 33 years now. And in that time, it's had some unusual derivatives, one of which is a sedan called the Cordoba.
2017 SEAT Cordoba Rendering Is an Ibiza Sedan 1 photo
Remember it? Of course you don't, because it's one of those cars that you drive because you have no other choice. It's in the same category as the Golf 3 or the Renault Clio Symbol.

In total, the Cordoba only had two generations, the last one going out of production back in 2009. At that time, the supermini sedan measured 4,280mm in length and 1,698mm in width. So it's almost small enough for the Indian market.

If SEAT suddenly decided to re-launch the Cordoba, it would look a lot like this rendering from X-Tomi Design, who matched the 2017 Ibiza with the tail end of some kind of Audi sedan, probably the A3.

It's a shame that sedans aren't attractive anymore because this is way sleeker than any other car in this segment - VW Vento, Ford Fiesta and so on.

Of course, SEAT doesn't need to put a car like this into production. The Spanish have got the Toledo which is relatively cheap yet isn't doing all that well, at least comparing to the Skoda Rapid sister car.

Explaining why Europeans don't like the same cars they did ten years ago is too profound for this story. But on the one hand, crossovers are trending, and on the other, people are making a lot more money.

Just to give you an example, the average wage in Germany reached an all-time high of 3716 euros per month in 2016, compared to 2,000 euros in 1992. Add to that the increasing popularity of rental programs like Car2Go, the development costs of new cars and marketing, and you begin to see a clear picture.

But I digress; the fact is that the 2017 Cordoba rendering looks really cool and will never see the green light of production, just like the Ibiza convertible and all the other crazy renderings we showed you.


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