2017 Honda Civic Type R Looks Ready to Summon Satan in Latest Renderings, Has Muffler Bypass

Honda revealed yesterday the first details regarding the all-new Civic hatchback that will enter production in 2017. The UK factory in Swindon will crank these bad boys out with 1-liter and 1.5-liter turbocharged engines and ship them to the US. However, the Type R is also looking for a successor.
2017 Honda Civic Type R 3 photos
2017 Honda Civic Type R2017 Honda Civic Type R
The mighty Japanse hot hatch has only been revived a couple of months ago. Thanks to adaptive suspension and the first 2-liter turbo engine in Honda's history, it's now the fastest hot hatch ever to lap the Nurburgring track in Germany.

Development of the next-gen model is already well on its way, so the new Type R will come out at the same time as the regular hatch. Could engineers improve on the formula so soon? Yes.

Ever wondered why the test prototypes for the next Civic have three pipes? Well, the two on either side have mufflers attached and the one in the middle is a bypass. When race mode is engaged, a valve opens up and sends pure exhaust out the middle for that extra-throaty sound.

That's a nice party trick, but the aero package and the powerful engine do most of the work. These two renderings, which we've received from CivicX, give us a good idea of what to expect from the 2017 model. They show a more futuristic hatchback that shares most of its styling with the American sedan model.

The front is as masculine as an electric shaver. In fact, it even has blades for a nice clean shave of the grass at the side of the track. The headlights are wedged under a monobrow, but making fun of this car will get you into a lot of trouble. From the back, the Civic Type R will look less like a hatchback than ever, more like a sedan with its tail chopped off.

Of course, not everybody wants to buy a family car with over 300 horsepower and suspension components you have to tighten yourself. That's why we think the Type S will play a key role although we probably won't know what goodies it packs until next year.


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