Milltek Buys 2015 Honda Civic Type R, Immediately Installs Racing Exhaust

We though the guys at Milltek Sport are Audi and Volkswagen fans, since they pretty much target those cars all the time. However, there's somebody over there who loves Hondas just as much, as they've just purchased a brand new Civic Type R.
Milltek Buys 2015 Honda Civic Type R, Immediately Installs Racing Exhaust 1 photo
It was back in 2007 that they first unveiled a sports exhaust system for the previous FN2 model. Back then, the Japanese hot hatch came with a high-pitched naturally aspirated 2-liter engine with VTEC. Of course, much has changed in these last eight years, To prove it, Milltek is at it again, and we can't say that we're not impressed.

The previous generation Type R reached its red line at 9,000rpm. However, it was only under hard acceleration that the full power and exhaust sound were revealed. In 2015, the hot Civic has become more usable, thanks to a turbocharger.

The 300+ hp hot hatch that recently conquered the Nurburgring sounds good. However, this custom exhaust setup is on our "Must Have" list. The reason? It's a non-resonated Race pipe system made from stainless steel and capped off by quad GT100 polished tips (Cerakote Black and Titanium options are also available).

With these changes, you're almost guaranteed to be pulled over by the police every time you go out for a pack of smokes. After all, nobody will believe this Civic is in OEM form when there's a crazy wing on the back and flared wheel arches.

The custom system comes in three different configurations to suit a wide range of intended uses: EC-Approved (a requirement for sale in some countries around the World where the law is enforced strictly), Road+ and Race.

Road+ and Race systems are visually identical: the main difference between them is a different internal design in the rear silencer assembly. The Race rear silencer offers reduced silencing for a louder sound than the Road+ silencer, and you can check it out in the video below.

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