2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept) Spied Camo-Free

As you might have known by now, the Japanese manufacturer is bringing two concepts at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Not much is known about the i-M4 design study (it’s probably a brief taste of the next-gen Suzuki Jimny), but the iK-2 hatchback has been spied undisguised in production-ready format already by the carparazzi from MotorOctane. H/T to John Halas from Carscoops for the finding and braking the pictures on the World Wide Web.
2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept) 10 photos
2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)2015 Suzuki YRA (iK-2 Concept)
Before you get too enthusiastic, let me point something out - the iK-2 concept’s name will not be borrowed by the production-ready vehicle pictured below. Word on the street is that Alivio or Ciaz will be chosen, a choice that makes you think “Is this car made for emerging markets?” As bluntly put as possible, yup.

As you can see, we’re dealing with a five-door, C-segment hatch that may adopt the YRA nameplate in India, a market that will be getting the first units in August 2015 according to the local media. Do ignore the blacked-out front grille because the fascia’s styling is inspired by the B-segment Swift hatchback’s, with the addition of a V-shaped chrome base line that runs on the outer edge of the plastic mesh grille.

LED daytime running lights similar to those of the facelifted Swift are integrated inside the headlight clusters, while the side profile view has a whiff of Mazda3 to it, looking rather athletic. We’re not entirely convinced by the cheap-looking taillight clusters, nor the humdrum steelies, but that little spoiler integrated in the tailgate and the big rectangular windshield are not too shabby all things considered.

Then you look at the photos of the interior and a voice pops up in the back of your head and screams “What the actual F?” due to a huge downer - the plastics, fit & finish, spartan dashboard design and lack of anything barely interesting to talk about. Overall, quite the letdown, but that’s not all. If the aforementioned publication is correct, the 2015 Suzuki YRA will come with a suite of powerless but frugal engines.

Mated to either a 5-speed manual or a CVT/automatic transmission, do look forward to powerplants such as a 1.2 DualJet direct-injected turbocharged petrol with 90 horsepower, Suzuki’s all-new 1.5-liter turbo diesel, joined by an all-new 800 cc two-banger turbo diesel. You heard that right - two-cylinder sub-1-liter diesel.


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