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1974 Chevrolet Caprice Donk Is Darker Than Night Itself

We’ve seen all kinds of donks attack the drag strip over the years, and we’ve seen other rides with similar mods craving to be associated with the trend, though no matter what their owners do to them, they can’t, because of the make and model.
Chevrolet Caprice Donk 8 photos
Chevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice DonkChevrolet Caprice Donk
You see, a donk is a 1971 to 1976 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala, with jacked up suspensions and big wheels. And this 1974 Caprice Convertible fits the term, as it sits on 26-inch alloys and has more space under its belly.

Those are not the only upgrades that this classic bowtie car has received, as the most eye-catching by far is the murdered-out looks. The black paint covers every body panel, as well as the bumpers and grille, and is complemented by the black rag top and darkened windows. The wheels, whose pattern has been replicated for the steering wheel inside, have a black finish too, and there is no chrome trim to provide any contrast.

Putting the soft top down reveals an equally cool cabin, retrimmed in black leather upholstery. The premium material lies on the seats and door cards, and to give the vehicle a more modern flair, an infotainment system has been installed in the custom center console, in front of the cup holders. The screen is hooked up to a serious sound system that can rock the world of occupants and bystanders alike.

If the simple yet elegant looks don’t cut it, then perhaps this 1975 Caprice would be more to your liking. It sports a brown paint on top of the tan leather interior and it too rides on 26-inch wheels, albeit with a different design, finished in gold. The devil is definitely in the details, as this is one hot ride that deserves its 15 minutes of fame, so make sure to check it out here after watching the video down below.


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