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1973 Triumph Gets Its First Wash in 46 Years, It Is Mesmerizing To Watch

Barn finds are getting rarer than they used to be, but they still happen. This time, someone uncovered a 1973 Triumph GT6, which was the GT version of the Triumph Spitfire. The vehicle was only used for three years, and then it remained in a barn for the next 46 years of its existence.
1973 Triumph GT6 gets detailed 6 photos
1973 Triumph GT6 before getting its first detailing ever1973 Triumph GT6 before getting its first detailing ever1973 Triumph GT6 before getting its first detailing ever1973 Triumph GT6 before getting its first detailing ever1973 Triumph GT6 gets detailed
As usual, the work is done by AMMO NYC founder Larry Kossila. Since the vehicle has been left untouched for more than 45 years, things need to be approached with care and attention. It all starts with a waterless wash for the exterior. From there, the paint is polished and compounded, which leads it to return to an amazing shine.

The interior gets a Steam Vacuum using AMMO NYC's new device, which is meant to provide the best results of an injection-extraction steam vacuum, but without leaving heavy moisture behind or requiring multiple days to dry. The AMMO US Steamer is a $1,499 device that is a professional-grade automotive steam cleaner. It is not meant for the average consumer but rather for detailing specialists.

Since the team had 46 years of dust in front of it, the seats had to be removed for proper cleaning, which offered access to the interior carpets. No element was left dirty, which means that you will see clean windows at the end of this video, as well as an amazing transformation, which is described by the team as being "the most satisfying full car cleaning in a long time."

As it is satisfying to watch, this full car cleaning process made by a specialist is an excellent opportunity to learn more about detailing. As usual, be sure to follow Larry's tips on the matter, as well as to observe his technique at work.

If you ever get the chance to uncover a barn find and decide to start cleaning it, be sure to wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, as well as have quality personal protective equipment.

We are referring to a professional-grade mask and a set of gloves here, as 46 years of storage will lead to the collection of dust and other particles, and you do not want that in your lungs.

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