1970s Pontiac Trans Am Seems Carelessly Dropped on Top of Unsuspecting 240SX

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Nissan 240SX mashup rendering by carfrontswaps 6 photos
Photo: carfrontswaps / Instagram
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Nissan 240SX mashup rendering by carfrontswapsPontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac FirebirdPontiac Firebird
Both America’s Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and Japan’s Nissan 240SX are famous representatives of the automotive industry. But usually, they are beloved by different crowds because of their particularities.
General Motors had ample success in pitting the Pontiac Firebird Trans Am against the pony/muscle car entries of its era. It was made between 1967 and 2002 across four generations. Traditionally, it shared numerous components with Chevrolet’s Camaro and represented a timely answer to Ford’s introduction of the upscale Mustang-based Mercury Cougar.

Meanwhile, Nissan’s 240SX was a Japanese sports car that arrived a bit later to the North American party. It was offered by the company starting with the 1990 model year as a companion to the unrelated 240Z or 280Z. It lived across two generations, both with production and development based on the Nissan S architecture. Still, it also had its share of family relations, namely with the JDM Silvia and 180SX, as well as the European 200SX.

Although various Trans Am models and 240SX versions overlapped on the U.S. market, they catered to different ends of the car culture. The former was mostly directed towards the pony/muscle car driver during weekdays/quarter-mile racer during the weekend. As for the latter, it was and still is an immensely popular solution among drift and tuning aficionados.

Still, the virtual artist hidden behind the carfrontswaps moniker on social media has decided this Thanksgiving should be all about quirky celebrations. Like the one where a second-generation Trans Am was carelessly dropped on top of an S13 Nissan 240SX. As if a crane operator suddenly remembered it was a holiday and just unplugged the magnet while the Pontiac hovered mid-air above a squatting 240SX.

And if you’re wondering why it took us so long to showcase the result of this... well, let’s call it a mashup, then it’s because we needed a lot of time to digest it. As for our own two cents, it seems that both cars have brought a little bit of the car cultures they represent – including the mandatory bird decal or the extreme stance.

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of second-generation Pontiac Firebird.

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