1952 Chevy Styleline Custom Is What Lowrider Dreams Are Made of, Up for Sale

To us petrolheads, cars are more than just hunks of steel that get us from point A to B. We see soul and passion in them, we see the beauty and we think they are cool.
1952 Chevy Styleline Custom 17 photos
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And what is cooler than American cars from the 50s and 60s? Well, not many other automobiles, so let’s take a look at a gorgeous 5-meter land yacht. This 1952 Chevrolet Styleline is a custom-built lowrider that will definitely stand out in any crowd.

With air suspension powered by dual 444 Viair compressors and a hand-built chassis that allows you to scrape the asphalt with the rocker panels, even the stance community will be jealous. But the chassis is not the only purpose-built piece in this car.

The fenders have also been designed with lowriding in mind along with custom-building the cab floor, trunk floor, drive shaft tunnel, and trunk side boxing panels. To bring even more style to this Styleline, all the chrome has been made to shine as bright as diamonds and is complemented by a breathtaking two-tone paint job. The DBC Inferno Red is made to pop out even more by a gorgeous Cool Vanilla White roof.

And this is just what you can glimpse at first sight, with a casual outside look at this old Chevy. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by diamond-stitched leather everywhere, ivory dash knobs, a hand-built console with chrome accents, and a sound system that will make your ears bleed. A 12-inch (30 cm) competition subwoofer is connected to a 1500-watt Hertz amplifier for those occasions when you want to also be heard and not just seen.

Naturally, the engine would be the next topic but it is a fairly complex one that would take ages to go through. The Oakley Performance 355 cu. in. (5.8L) small block V8 used in this car has been extensively improved from its standard configuration. From fuel injectors to new a crankshaft and a new camshaft, a lot of work and effort went into making this car the ultimate lowrider.

With all the money that’s been put into this Chevy Styleline, we’re eagerly waiting to see how much it will fetch when it goes under the hammer.

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