You Are Using this JDM Sticker Wrong

Sometimes the cultural differences between Asia and the rest of the world are more than amusing, especially when Western people are trying to assume some of the Eastern practices without exactly knowing what’s all about. There are over a dozen examples in the automotive world but today we’ll talk about the “JDM leaf” sticker.
wrong JDM leaf sticker 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Some Japanese cars fans like to stick this shape on the back or sides of their rides, while some prefer to use it in order to replace the U in stickers like “JDM as F*leaf*CK”. You've probably seen this on the street.

They think it’s cool, but, just like some people get Chinese/Japanese characters tattoos that read ramen noodles, they fail without even knowing it. And this guy is here to teach us the exact meaning of the leaf sticker.

Sorry to burst your JDM bubble, but Japanese use the green and yellow little arrow/leaf for signaling beginner drivers. So basically if you see this sticker in the land of the rising sun, try avoiding staying close to the vehicle wearing it because the driver is a noob.

Don’t believe us? Listen to the man bellow and if you still think that’s fake, just do an internet search for “Japanese beginner driver sign”. Bet there will be thousands of JDM enthusiasts grabbing hairdryers now to peel the arrows.

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