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Arab Tire Change Stunt Goes Wrong, People Fly Off the Car

We all know it takes a bit of coordination to change a wheel, especially if you own a recently-built car that comes with hefty wheels, but all this pales if you ask the self-proclaimed Arab stuntmen. In case you haven’t been off the World Wide Web for about a decade or so, you must be familiar with the way these people treat spare wheels.
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They rock their SUVs from one side to another, using the generous body roll to bring the vehicles on two wheels, all while their friends are sitting outside the car. Then the... crew riding out in the open performs a tire change in the air, as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

While practice may make perfect, you can’t train without accident and this is exactly what we want to talk about today. We have a clip that shows what can happen when an Arab tire change stunt goes wrong.

The driver in the footage breaks the delicate two-wheel driving balance, with the vehicle returning on all four way before the two outboard passengers could complete the tire change and return inside the car.

While the two men outside the car go through quite an ordeal, nobody appears to get hurt in the incident. Amazingly, the two get up and walk away once things settle down. Not even the car, which finally landed on three wheels, seems to have taken too much damage.

This seems to have been one valuable lesson, or at least that’s how it should be taken.

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