This Road Rage Compilation Will Help with Your New Year’s Resolution

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 If you’re driving on a daily basis, you surely encountered plenty of situations that fall into the road rage category. They are basically unavoidable and happen to the best of us. Sure, the best thing to do is try and avoid them at all costs but sometimes that just isn’t possible.
Be it because of the circumstances or because of the traffic but there are moments when you have to deal with such situations on your own. The best thing to do is to call the police but until they get there, the guy/girl assaulting you might be already long gone. Furthermore, most of the time, there is no dashboard camera around to film the perpetrator and turn him/her over. What’s there to do?
Well, my personal new year’s resolution includes trying to deal with such idiotic drivers better than before and this video compilation really makes some interesting points. From what I could make out of it here are a few tips on how to deal with such situations.
Number 1: keep calm.
Let’s say a dumbass ran a red light, hit your car and he’s blaming you. He’s a hothead and gets out of the car to teach you a lesson. The worst thing you could do is panic and do what he says. The best thing to do if you see that he’s angry and a borderline rageaholic is to lock yourself in the car and call the police. Write down the number to his car in case he wants to get away and just sit tight.
In case you decide to get out of your car, it will be a lot easier for him to beat you up and things can degenerate really fast. 
Number 2: show confidence
Let’s say that you did make the mistake of getting out of your car. The way you handle yourself next could mean the difference between going to the hospital or back home.
Show confidence when you exit the car. It would be great if you actually possessed it but if you don’t try to simulate it. These kind of aggressive ‘alpha males’ are only encouraged if you show any sign of doubt or fear towards them. Keep your head up high, talk with confidence and never let them know you are afraid. Adrenaline will start pumping through your veins making you shiver try to hide it as well as you can as they will misinterpret it as a weakness (actually adrenaline will help out in such situations).
Number 3: size doesn’t matter
Yeah, I know, that phrase has been used before and sounds like a cliché but it’s true. Don’t be impressed by someone else’s car. Most of the time, they are trying to compensate for other things. So what if he drives a BMW? He can just as easily get a beating from a Volkswagen Polo driver. 
Your attitude will make the difference. Big guys like to act tough and use their mass to impress people but most of the time they can easily be dropped and their bluff called. That doesn’t mean that all of them are all bark and no bite! Be careful and examine your opponent. If he talks a lot and screams at you, he’s trying to intimidate you with his size, not his fists. The most dangerous people don’t talk, they act right away.
Number 4: the car he/she is driving makes no difference
As I said before, it doesn’t really matter what you or he/she is driving. If you did nothing wrong and the law is on your side you have nothing to worry about. Unless you live in Russia, apparently.
With this in mind, will you change your new year’s resolution as I did mine and try to avoid such situations? Hopefully, if you can’t avoid them, you’ll deal with them better than before.
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