This Is the Never Ending Car Wreck

Winter is not to everyone’s liking, that’s for sure but it does have both upsides along to those downsides we all hate. Some of the upsides include easier drifting, less traffic, the holidays and, depending on whether you’re a romantic or not, beautiful snow falls. I mean, who doesn’t like to stroll through huge snow flakes?
Never Ending Crash 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from LiveLeak
On the other hand, the downsides include icy roads, cold weather, cloudy skies and a lot more car accidents. In parts of the world where cold weather takes up more of the year than.... any other kind of meteorological phenomenons, we’re guessing that people are even more used to this kind of behavior on the road.

Take for example... I don’t know, let’s say Russia. That’s the one place where you’ll find more dash cameras than anywhere else in the world. It’s also due to that reason that you’ll see them recording stuff you never thought possible. And believe us, you really can’t believe what you’re seeing most of the time.

From drunk people on all fours in the middle of the road, late at night, to never ending crashes, like this one. The video we’re looking at shows a truck hit a van at a stop light only to soon continue to go round and round, hitting other cars nearby and simply dragging them along.

When turning towards the camera car, the driver with the recorder manages to back up a little to avoid also getting trapped in this whirlwind of chaos. Most likely, the driver of the truck either passed out behind the wheel with the gas pedal mashed or something was terribly damaged in the original crash.

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