X Shore Announces Freshest Addition to Its All-Electric Family: The Business-Oriented Pro

If you haven't caught on by now, the world is going through some major changes; electricity is taking over our vehicles! Be they bicycles, cars, and boats, we're part of the electric age. That said, here's Sweden's X Shore with another "game-changing" boat to cruise local coastlines in utter silence and emission-free comfort.
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Folks, X Shore, is a crew that was born a few years ago, and while the boating industry seems rather saturated with goods, X Shore chose to stand apart from the rest by designing and creating vessels that are completely electric. You may already be aware of their Eelex 8000 and the 1, their first two boats, but now, they've unveiled a third, the Pro.

That's right, X Shore has been busy and, as a result, has built upon their previous machines to unveil a third, the X Shore Pro. However, this puppy is a bit different than the other two, so much so that it does require an entire article dedicated to it.

What makes the Pro so special? Well, for starters, it's considered this crew's "workboat," and as such, has been designed to be the answer to countless business models and organizations that place the boat at the center of their activity. This includes commercial traffic, shuttles, Coast Guard use, and basically whatever else you can think of.

How is all this made possible? By nothing more than X Shore's ability to meet your needs with modularity. In short, you can have several Pro boats as part of your fleet, and they can each meet different needs. Everything starts off with either the Open or Cabin version, and then you can mess around with the interior, too. Be sure to take a look at the image gallery to see what's possible.

X Shore Pro
Photo: X Shore
Now, X Shore seems to have noticed the shift toward electrical power, too, and as a result, their lineup is an answer to ever-shifting laws and regulations regarding fossil fuel boating. Best of all, they meet, exceed, or play outside industry regulations that are already taking hold all over the world.

For example, some lakes in the US now prohibit the use of ICE boats, and as a result, X Shore is an answer. Over in Europe, the same regulations are starting to take shape, too, with countless cities, canals, and coastlines restricting the use of ICEs by 2025 or later, in some cities, even sooner. In short, electric boats are a clear future and one we can be sure of.

What does this mean for folks looking to get their next start-up into high gear? It means that there's an opportunity to seize here, and above all, teams like X Shore already have a product in place that you can place at the center of your business model. There's nothing to it, just simple middle-manning of services. After all, "The art of good business is being a good middleman."

Now, the Pro is built upon the same 8 m (26.2 ft) platform that X Shore uses in its other three vessels. As a result, 26.2 ft of length is accompanied by an 8.5 ft (2.6 m) beam, but the real attraction is the drivetrain, the same electric goodness this brand has grown to be known for.

This means a battery array that is suitable for up to 20 hours of floating around. Sure, this is a possible range that you can attain with light cruising at lower speeds, but if you're to punch it around at speeds of up to 30 knots (34.5 mph), you can expect that number to drop significantly.

X Shore Pro
Photo: X Shore
How significant? Well, as I explored the Pro's landing page, I noticed that this bugger has the same specs as another of X Shore's boats, the Eelex 8000. With that in mind, the manufacturer states that just 15 nautical mi (17.2 mi) can be achieved in "full speed ahead" mode, as I like to call it. I wonder if larger battery options will be available in the future.

As for recharging, this is where things start to look up and up. By using a fast charger, you can raise battery levels from 20% to 80% in one hour flat. That's how long it'll take you to eat your lunch, after which it's back on the waters with you. With a three-phase socket and using X Shore's Juice Booster, you can recharge your Pro from 20% to 80% in three hours.

Now, let me remind everyone that these babies can achieve just about everything else that your average boat can do. You can use them in fresh or saltwater settings, for weekend fun on the lake, towing your friends along on skies or wakeboards, and clearly, as I mentioned, to create a fleet to ferry folks around canals, deliver goods, or hold sight-seeing tours.

The sort of business you decide to start is up to you; X Shore just ensures you have the tools to do it. This brings me to my next point: pricing. For that, you have to give X Shore a call and go from there. Just be sure to research the sort of tax cuts you qualify for by starting an all-electric boat fleet. As an idea, the X Shore 1 starts at around €99K in Europe and around $139K over in the US, so expect the Pro around this price bracket, most likely more.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also include the X Shore 1.

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