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Would You Choose The Motochimp Over a Honda Monkey?

If you’re looking to buy a very small motorcycle for your urban commuting in the near future, you might be already aware that Honda is brining back the cute Monkey model. However, if you’re inclined to green tech, you should also meet the Motochimp.
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Late last year, Vanda Electrics officially launched the Motochimp at the Shenzhen Industrial Design Fair, wowing the visitors and inviting them to be different.

“The Motochimp is a two-wheeled zero emission joyride that puts fun, style and affordability on equal standing and promises to give city dwellers a completely new perspective on transportation,” the company describes. “Fueled by childlike curiosity and a fast-charging battery, it is designed for dreamscapes as much as it is for streetscapes.”

In essence, the Motochimp is a big lithium-ion battery with wheels and controls, fact also underlined by its simple boxy frame which houses the unit. The battery can be easily extracted from the rear of the bike while the charging cable sits right under the tiny rectangular seat.

It takes roughly an hour to recharge the battery and you don’t need cumbersome additional equipment. Simply plug the provided cable into a standard three-pin plug, do your business, and when you return you can travel for up to 40 miles (64 km).

Top speed is nothing to write home about, but at least the torquey rear hub motor will take you there relatively quick. If you want numbers, the company claims the Motochimp does 20 mph (32 km/h).

Two oldschool bars are sticking out from the front and come equipped with proper grips, rear view mirrors, bar-end signal lights and a small LCD display. Brakes are provided by two drilled discs and the bike comes with a rear-wheel stand for when you need to park it. Another cool thing to mention is the RFID start so you’ll only carry a small transponder with you to start it up.

The bike is expected to enter production this year, and pricing would be around $2,000 each. You can have one in either red, blue or yellow.


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