Worst Female Driver Ever: Crashes into C4 Cactus, Slams the Door and Rages

We don't know where this video was filmed, but we're pretty sure it's very new, since the Citroen C4 Cactus hasn't had that much time to reach suburban Europe. Now, what you're about to see is probably the worst female driver to ever be captured on camera, making lots of very serious mistakes in about two minutes.
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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The "lady" has at least twice more space than she actually needs to pull off her bay parking maneuver and yet she fails miserably. We hate to be predictable and cliche with our questions, but: how the heck did she ever pass her driving test? There's nothing she can do right!

The first thing she gets wrong is that she crashes into the side of the yellow Citroen C4 Cactus. Somebody probably just bought that car and is paying €20,000 for the lease. The parking spot is absolutely huge, so how can she not have noticed that her old Polo is about to hit a brightly colored car?

Citroen designed the C4 Cactus to take bumps more easily, thanks to its rubberized door and bumper inserts. But it's pretty obvious that the woman put some major scratches in the paintwork.

She then stalls the engine and after that, she slams the door twice into the neighboring car before realizing she can't get out. So she leaves her hatch using the passenger door, straddling over the gear stick. And because she forgets to put the it in park, the Polo stars rolling away from her. Panic!

But her most pathetic mistake is that she kicks the Cactus in anger, probably thinking that it took too much parking space. What the heck lady? It's not the Citroen's fault that you suck at driving!

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