Lexus NX Wald Black Bison Body Kit Coming in 2015

Missed new body kits from Wald International? You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks because the Lexus NX is getting one. These sneak peek photos are showing just how cool it’s going to be.
Lexus NX Black Bison by Wald 4 photos
Lexus NX Black Bison by WaldLexus NX Black Bison by WaldLexus NX Black Bison by Wald
Wald International is currently working on a new body kit, but instead of putting it on a bland-looking Toyota SUV, it is aimed at the new Lexus NX compact crossover, which is already oozing with style.

The exterior appears to come with enhancements like a redesigned sporty lower front bumper, extended wheel arches, a different rear bumper, tailgate-mounted spoiler and of course a set of bigger and carefully machined alloy wheels.

We’re not sure when this is going to be on sale, but Wald said it plans to firstly showcase the new kit at the Osaka Auto Messe in February 2015. Taking a look at the rest of the shelved parts already available, we expect the new Black Bison kit to go over ¥400,000 which roughly translates to $3,300 or €2,700, to which you’ll have to add shipping and fitment costs of course.

The front pic here is taken at an odd angle and it looks like the car’s front end is so low that you should already start worrying about speed bumps or curb-mounting.


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