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World’s Most Popular Car Model Is Sold Once Every 28 Seconds

50 million of them have been sold so far, making this the world’s most popular car model, according to its manufacturer. That means one vehicle that’s being sold every 28 seconds.
World's most popular car model is sold once every 28 seconds 6 photos
Toyota CorollaToyota CorollaToyota CorollaToyota CorollaToyota Corolla
We’re talking about the iconic Toyota Corolla, with the Japanese carmaker now boasting of its success of selling its 50th million Corolla worldwide. Over 1.5 million cars were sold in Australia alone, which seems to have had a significant role in the success of the Corolla, ever since its launch, more than 54 years ago.

Aussie customers contributed to the global success of the Corolla ever since the automaker rolled out its 1.1-liter KE10 two-door sedan in 1966, with Australia being the first export market for the Corolla.

The car has become part of the cultural landscape of the country, as stated by Sean Hanley, Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Franchise Operations for Toyota Australia. In fact, it was so well received over there that Toyota started locally assembling the Corolla at a factory in Port Melbourne, with this being the first such operation conducted outside of Japan.

Word spread and Corolla quickly grew in popularity, becoming the world’s most popular nameplate in 1997. It even managed to surpass the Volkswagen beetle, another model with a resonating history. The reason why the Toyota Corolla was so well received in every corner of the world is that it was designed right from the beginning as an affordable, practical, safe, and efficient vehicle.

Durability and reliability are defining traits for the Corolla, while the design of the “small crown” also features sporty elements, such as its semi-fastback roofline and the subtle curves in the body.

Toyota Corolla was launched in 1966 and nowadays it is produced at 12 plants worldwide, in Japan, China, the U.S., the U.K., Taiwan, Thailand, Brazil, Venezuela, Pakistan, South Africa, Vietnam, and Turkey.


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