Car video reviews:

World’s First Gold Lamborghini Aventador

TRC sent us a video they shot in Miami of the unveiling of a gold wrapped Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. This is the first car of its kind, and while we’re not sure about the class and personality, it is a stand-out sort of car.
The car belongs to Brett David, the CEO of Lamborghini Miami, and is practically a rolling billboard for popular new V12 supecar.

Amusingly enough, on the day of the launch, a pidgin decided to make a quick stop on the carbon fiber roof of the exotic Italian car. Birds are naturally attracted by shiny objects and the owner is lucky he didn’t leave a little... parting gift.

In case you’re insulted by the ostentatious idea that somebody plated a car in pure gold, don’t be. This is likely only a foil wrap that contains no precious metals.


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