Who Else To Equip a Surfboard Holder Onto Their E-Bikes Than Super73? The One and Only

The Lightning Powered Surf Machine 11 photos
Photo: Super73 X Howler Brothers
The Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineThe Lightning Powered Surf MachineS2Oppenheimer Edition
Ok, so the e-bike industry seems to be getting a bit out of hand, and one team driving some of the change we see on our streets is Super73. Well, this time, they're at it again, working with Howler Brothers and spitting out a unique machine that seems to be aimed at the active lifestyle, surfboard not included.
"The Lightning Powered Surf Machine." These are some of the first words you'll encounter if you decide to explore Super73's most recent debut. But, being Super73, they didn't bring this bike to light all on their own; they worked together with Texas-based apparel company Howler Brothers.

Since most of us have heard of or even seen a Super73 e-bike riding around the neighborhood or across smartphone screens, that leaves us with Howler Brothers; who are they? Well, Howler is nothing more than an outdoor apparel company that's all about the outdoors. As they say themselves, "We're a mash-up of elements that might not seem to fit together at first glance, like a Kung Fu surf movie set in the Wild West with a dub reggae soundtrack, starring all your best friends."

With that in mind, it really makes sense why Surf Machine expresses that "mash-up of elements," some of which really have nothing to do with the urban landscape. Like, who the heck needs a surfboard rack for going to work? It's like a condom: It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

The Lightning Powered Surf Machine
Photo: Super73 X Howler Brothers
Wait a minute; it all makes sense now. Just as Howlers puts it, they're a "mash-up of elements," and by the looks of things, that's precisely what the Surf Machine comes across as being. It even has a flyrod holder integrated into its design in case you decide to go fishing through any urban canals.

Now, as wild and as out-of-place as this machine may be, there are actually some rather fun and neat features and abilities that it has in store. For example, the first is that it's all built upon a platform that Super73 has used in creating rolling spectacles before, the S2.

Since this platform has been tried and tested over the course of several collaborations, it was the perfect choice for this one, too, mainly because of the level of customization it can handle. For example, the S2's body features that in-frame Molle rack, letting us attach countless goodies and features to the frame, just as the Surf Machine showcases.

Toward the rear, the most stand-out feature is clearly the surfboard rack. While this feature protrudes off the side of the S2, it's set in such a way as to not affect our ability to maneuver through town or handle turns. That if you're surfboard is short enough. If it's not, it looks like it might affect how well we can pedal. Good thing this puppy has throttle functionality and a 750 W motor with a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph). Yup, it's a Class 3.

The Lightning Powered Surf Machine
Photo: Super73 X Howler Brothers
Aside from the Molle rack and board holder, there's that rod support I mentioned, but if you've got even more cargo, yet another rack extends beyond the seat. It's the perfect place for a backpack, a little electric cooler, or whatever else you can fit up here.

One side of this Surf Machine's story is the color used to bring it to life. Since this EV is inspired by desert and surfing landscapes - with the latter already scratched off the list - the two teams completed the rest of the bike with tones of sand (tans and khaki) to bring about a "Baja cruiser" look.

Everything from the frame to the battery pack, chainguard, and even tire walls all follow the same sandy look. The remainder of the components are set in black and help bring a touch of balance to the e-bike. The seat brings a touch of leathery flair to the game, too, a Super73 feature that rarely goes unchanged, stiched and all.

The Lightning Powered Surf Machine
Photo: Super73 X Howler Brothers
The question is, who the heck is this bike for? Well, while you've been reading this short article, enjoying the images in the gallery and the short video below, if, at one point in time, a smile crept across your face, you may have just found your urban mobility soulmate.

Sure, the video created is one hell of a twisted scene, with the most out-of-place scenes and stunts, all of which are clearly intentional, but the fact of the matter is that this machine can actually be the solution some of us surfers and outdoor lovers can use to some rather solid ends.

All you have to do is consider if the price tag, currently set at an MSRP of $3,800 (€3,500 at current exchange rates), is worth it for you. Just remember, Super73 has been growing in popularity for a reason, and to be part of something bigger, the little subculture they started, is a rather neat feeling. If social gatherings aren't your thing, you can just go with the waves like a lone ranger, or how about some fishing instead?

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Super73 e-bikes.

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