Vvolt's Newest E-Bike Promises To Be the Urban Solution the Modern Commuter Needs

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Growing up, the bicycle was always used as a means of transportation and sport. However, with the appearance of electric drivetrains, the bike is developing into something else entirely. This brings us to Vvolt's newest addition to their family, the Slice Lite.
Folks, e-bikes are great not only for helping us move from point A to point B with sweatless ease, but they've developed into means to leave the car at home and save money. But what makes a great e-bike? Well, this time around, Vvolt is taking a crack at answering that question with their Slice Lite.

Now, whenever I start analyzing a bicycle, I like to start with the frame. After all, it's this backbone that defines the entire experience. Overall, we're looking at a frame that has been designed for stability and features a low center of gravity. This is made possible by using a magnificently tiny front wheel and frame tubes that run downward, similar to cruiser bicycles. The handlebar setup has that cruiser curve, too.

Along the way, Vvolt also takes the time to integrate lighting into the frame, and wires, the few that run to the rear of the bike, are routed internally. The headlight is mounted directly into the front of the downtube, while the stoplight is part of the seat tube.

Slice Lite
Photo: Vvolt
That frame also hides a few neat tricks. The first is this bike's ability to accommodate cargo racks. This is essential to the urban rider as we all know what it means to have to pick up groceries on the way home or a backpack to work.

One trait I need to point out is the whole reverse-mullet wheel setup. While some MTB riders know what it means to have a small rear wheel and a larger front wheel, this Slice shows up to the game with the opposite setup. This is something often seen on cargo bikes and one reason why this bugger's center of gravity is so low.

A smaller wheel is also going to feel a whole lot easier to maneuver, and in an urban setting, coupled with an upright riding position, you're bound to be cornering with ease, not to mention being able to see clearly and be seen.

Now, this is an e-bike, and that means something. But striking the perfect balance between power, cost, capability, and weight is no easy feat. Overall, the one-size-fits-all design of the Slice means we'll all be riding an EV that only weighs 52 lbs (23.5 kg), so a tad under the average weight of such a two-wheeler, so pretty good there.

Slice Lite
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Then, we have to consider the electronics that Vvolt adds to each unit. Overall, a rear hub-mounted motor brings 350 W of power (nominal) to the game that's been specifically tuned to give the Slice a signature feel. It's strong enough to help you fly around town with speeds upwards of 20 mph (32 kph). Throttle is also there when you need it.

As for the battery, Vvolt integrates a removable pack into the down tube, and according to the manufacturer, this thing is good enough for up to 55 miles (88.5 km) on a full charge. That's nearly double the range the average American travels with a car in a single day, so you can be sure to be recharging only every two days or so if you commute to work, that is.

Regarding this machine's drivetrain, I love the fact that Vvolt is keeping up with urban cycling trends and throws on a Gates carbon belt setup. This means no servicing for tens of thousands of miles with no grease, and if you do snag your pants in the cogs, they won't rip; at least mine haven't.

Slice Lite
Photo: Vvolt
Did I mention that this thing is virtually silent? Braking is handled by Tektro with 180 mm (7.1 in) rotors. That's a rotor size I feel is essential for e-bikes, especially cargo-carrying ones, and Vvolt hit that note just right. If there's a motor cut-off integrated into all that, amazing!

The question is, just how much is Vvolt asking us to drop on one of these babies? Well, I've been noticing a bit of a trend in the average Joe's lifestyle, and most of us don't really want to break the $2,000 mark. With that in mind, the manufacturer is currently marketing this puppy for $2,050 (€1,900 at current exchange rates), so a bit over what we'd like. Maybe there's a sale coming up.

As for what your money is buying, well, you have all those words above to bring you back full circle. But, if you still need some to think about your decision a tad longer, just head down to a local bike shop that may have one of these in stock and take it out for a spin. Just be sure to bring your checkbook because Vvolt may be onto something here.
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