Waze Reminds Users of One Important Feature They Need This Winter

Waze continues to be one of the leading navigation apps out there, as it helps drivers avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic in their cities. In addition, it also lends a hand to those who want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening on their route.
Unplowed road report on Waze 1 photo
Last year, for example, Waze was updated with support for icy and unplowed roads, essentially allowing users to report such hazards whenever they came across them in specific regions.

And now the Google-owned company says more people are using this feature, and with winter already here in some parts of the world, the number of reports warning of unplowed roads is growing.

In the Greater Toronto Area, for example, the unplowed road submission is reportedly becoming more common this year, and Waze recommends drivers to use it every time they come across a section of the road covered with snow.

Users can report an unplowed road by going over to Hazards > Weather on the reporting screen within the app, and the company says this feature is available in all countries where Waze is also offered for download officially.

In the meantime, Waze is also working on another important update for Apple users, as the company is adding dashboard support when the app runs on CarPlay. With dashboard support, Waze can finally take advantage of the multi-view screen available on CarPlay, which was unlocked for third-party navigation apps with the release of iOS 13.4 earlier this year.

At this point, this new feature for Waze is still in the testing stage, but it should go live for all users in the coming weeks. Once updated, Waze can show up on the dashboard by simply opening the app and then switching to the multi-view screen on CarPlay. No other configuration setting is required to enable the new capability. The last navigation app you use is always displayed on the dashboard if support already exists.


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