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Watching a Stock GT-R Hitting 195 MPH on German Autobahn Is Overly Satisfying

In theory, watching a supercar hitting its official top speed shouldn't bee all that enticing. Nevertheless, real life offers one so little occasions to put a high-octane machine through its paces to the top of the speedometer that we couldn't help but share the Nissan GT-R moment in the video below with you.
Nissan GT-R Hits 195 mph on German Autobahn 1 photo
The clip shows an R35 being hooned on the German Autobahn, with the Japanese supercar hitting 195 mph (metric system aficionados should make that 314 km/h), at least on its digital speedo.

We have to give the team of Japanese enthusiasts over at Best Motoring credit for this uber-velocity adventure - our old-school readers might remember them thanks to their monstrous track battles, many of which saw Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya leading the driver line-up.

As for the "stock" part of the title above, nowadays we feel the need to make such a mention when this is the case. With the exception of 2016 models, as well as the yet-to-be-delivered 2017 models, driving a factory stock GT-R isn't all that cool anymore.

Nevertheless, those who customize their Nissan halo cars can be split into two main categories: the drivers who simply do it to beg for attention and those who have a disciplined purpose.

While this rear-wheel-drive Godzilla example parading though Monaco is a perfect example of the first category, the latter is, thankfully, richer. On one hand, we have the monsters of the US drag racing world, with these cars traveling well north of 2,000 hp at the wheels. On the other hand, we've also shown you heavily modded Nissan GT-Rs that went down the balanced time attack route, with the most recent one showing up yesterday.

Come to think of it, the intense GT-R tuning landscape only makes Nissan's original intention of preventing customization (by shouting about voided warranties) even more ridiculous.

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