RWD Converted 850 HP Nissan GT-R Shows Off in Monaco

Up until a few years ago, a trip to Monaco guaranteed the presence of tons of eye-catching four-wheeled contraptions, from classic Prancing Horses, to the latest special edition Porsche.
RWD-Converted 850 HP Nissan GT-R 1 photo
However, the city-state's automotive landscape is a bit different nowadays. While the vehicles mentioned above are obviously still part of the adventure, a new breed of machines seems to be growing stronger and stronger.

We're talking about cars belonging to drivers who aim to pay less money for more attention when compared to the "usual" supercar owner.

We've brought along a video that showcases this type of car guys and gals, with the star of the clip being a highly modified Nissan GT-R.

On the tech side, this R35 ditches the all-wheel-drive system that has brought Godzilla its cult status. Is this a drift car? It doesn't seem like one, so we're not really sure why the owner decided to for a rear-wheel-drive setup.

This raises questions especially if we look at what has happened under the hood. The twin-turbo V6 of the GT-R has been boosted to 850 hp. Among other tech mods, this Nissan is gifted with an exhaust system that lets everybody know about the storm in the engine compartment.

Then there's the wrap. Following the Tron trend, the new apparel of the supercar mixes a blue base with Gold details, delivering a flashy visual cocktail.

Of course, GT-Rs aren't the only cars receiving such treatment. For instance, the Ferrari 458, another supercar that's considerably easier to buy than it was a few years ago, follows a somewhat similar path.

The clip below shows the GT-R working to draw attention on Monaco's harbor. And, since owners of such cars usually like to form crews, you'll get to see other look-at-me machines in the background.

P.S.: Let's hope things don't... backfire in this ever-sharper race for attention.

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