Watch These Supercars Get the MaxPass Wheelie Treatment

This insane YouTuber has perfected an overtaking maneuver which he refers to as the MaxPass - as soon as he sees a supercar, hypercar, a girl on a motorcycle, or other fast motorcycles,he just proceeds to wheelie past them at insane speeds. Not very safe, not quite legal, but highly entertaining to watch nonetheless.
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Photo: MaxWrist
MaxWrist is his name, and over the years he's made a name for himself over and over again with his ludicrous riding style, casting somewhat of a shadow over the good old Ghost Rider we all knew 10 to 15 years ago. His signature move is definitely not something we'd encourage you to try on public roads, but the result does make for entertaining videos at the end of the day.

This time it seems like he's made a super compilation of him overtaking supercar after supercar, and other sports bikes in the process as well, and all of this while staying true to his one-wheel , 100+ mph style of riding.

The video starts off casually with overtaking a yellow Ford GT, then moves on to yet another pass, this time a Ferrari 488 GTB being the victim. A Lamborghini Huracan is the next car up on the list, as Max seems to be mostly riding on a BMW S1000RR motorcycle, a bike that should be pushing some 200 horsepower to the rear wheel.

Not sure if these passes were staged or not, but all of a sudden a Bugatti Chiron gets the same treatment, and then we get to see a pack of Ford GTs , old and new, facing the same problem.

Audis, Porsche, McLarens, this guy just won't leave anything go ahead of him, as he wheelies on and on, sometimes even changing the type of bike he's riding. Once again, trying such stunts on your own can be extremely dangerous, but thank God for the possibility of watching these clips from the safety of our own homes.

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