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Watch Keanu Reeves Forgive a Woman for Backing Into His Norton Commando Motorcycle

If there was ever any doubt that Keanu Reeves is one of the coolest, chillest human beings on the planet, this will help set those doubts aside.
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When a careless driver backed her car into Reeves' motorcycle - and then blamed the actor for the incident - you can be forgiven for expecting a movie-star level outburst. But if you know anything about Reeves as a human being, what came next wasn't surprising at all. The driver insisted to the police that she wasn't to blame and claimed the actor had parked his bike inappropriately.

If you were expecting some kind of outburst, it just never happened. Instead, he calmly approached the driver's window, spoke to the woman for a moment, then told the officers on the scene that if his Norton Commando would start, he'd leave without filing a complaint. And then he did. No worries, no drama.

"I love riding a motorcycle there's something about the the freedom of it I love how they look how they smell how they feel," he said.

Reeves has suffered his share of pain from his years of riding, and it's likely any accident brings back some memories of a bad crash he had back in the day.

"I've got a fake tooth. I've got a huge scar here. I've got a plate in my neck about this but that's not all just the motorcycles but yeah I've come off the bike a few times, yeah," he says of his unpleasant motorcycling experience.

That accident back In 1988 came when the 'John Wick' actor failed to negotiate a hairpin turn way too fast and ended up laying "on the pavement for half an hour thinking I was going to die." 

It did leave him without a spleen. He called it a "demon ride," and he went on to have another, considerably less consequential accident in 1996. That accident happened when he "took a car bumper off" and it left Reeves with a compound fracture and a broken ankle that required surgery to remove a bone fragment. That accident wasn't the actor's fault as he was dodging a vehicle pulling out from the curb at the time.

Reeves is also the owner and principal of a custom bike building company, Arch Motorcycle.

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