Watch and Learn: Spectacular Bike Crash Due to Excessive Braking

Crazy bike accident 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
The video you’re about to see after the jump is definitely one of the “must watch” clips which should be shown to all new motorcycle courses students, as part of their safety training. Even though these fellows are obviously having a great time on a closed circuit, at least until disaster strikes, the crash is quite self-explanatory while one must always exercise caution and a dash of anticipation when on two wheels, and all the more when under racing conditions.
During a tack day, one might meet a lot of slower riders and this adds an extra risk for the fellow in search of pushing his or her limits further. Given the speeds track bikes travel at on the circuit, distances seem smaller, while decision-making and the reaction times must be adjusted (read minimized) accordingly. Failure to do so usually results in runoffs or crashes, with clashing with other bikes not being an uncommon scenario, unfortunately.

The first mistake of this fellow seems to be failing to properly asses the fact that the ones in front of him will become significantly slower as they break for the turn, and this could cause some problems. In turn, the fellow was also late slowing down as he approached the turn, possibly panicking and being unable to find some room between the bikes.

Since the turn was already compromised, maybe one of his better options would’ve been to brake as hard as safety allowed while trying to slow down as much as possible before running off the track. Instead, he deathgripped the brake lever, which sent him to a most unfortunate front flip. I’d say that he also got a broken leg with the last tumble of the bike apparently crashing his tibia between the asphalt and the tail section. Even so, things could have been much worse.

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