Watch and Learn: Biker Girl Has Incredible Brush with Death

Biker Girl Has Incredible Brush with Death 1 photo
Photo: cristinabaraitarus (Youtube)
This video was recorded on a countryside road in Southern Romania, in an area where carriages can still be met on public roads, with more or less sober people in them, sometimes leaving the horses follow their own pace in the afternoon sun.
It looks like this particular horse got scared by the noise the first motorcycle made and acted in a very unpredictable manner, unfortunately prancing into the opposite lane of the road. Luckily, the rider who by the way is a girl, had no time to brake or react in other way than to gently swerve avoiding the horse.

She also had plenty of guts to maintain a firm grip of the bars as she rode in the gravel and grass outside the asphalt strip, safely making it back on the road, rubber side down, eventually coming to a safe stop. According to her own records, she was doing about 80 km/h (50 mph), in what appears to be a 50-60 km/h (31-37 mph) zone. It may look much faster, but it’s most likely the image distortion many dash cameras usually create. Not a crotch rocket-like speed, definitely, but more than enough for a trip in the coroner van, by all means.

As for farmers driving their cattle, carriages and whatnot on pretty much any kind of public roads, this is unfortunately one of the dangers riders in Eastern Europe still have to deal with. Luckily, nobody got hurt; the young lady will most likely remember this scare all her life, hopefully being more careful and slowing down when animals and carriages come in sight.

Update: the uploader of the video doesn't want it to be embedded, apparently, so here's a link instead, in case you want to watch it.
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