Watch and Learn: Reckless Riding Causes Massive Bike Crash

Reckless Riding Causes Massive Bike Crash 1 photo
You all know the kind of rider who thinks he or she own the road and looks like they couldn’t care less about the other motorists. It’s not uncommon to see such fellows assembled in large riding groups heading out on the highways, wheeling and performing all sorts of other stunts, ignoring the grave danger they are in, and the risks such behavior exposes their very fellow riders to.
However, sometimes, karma is a bitch and takes its revenge without too much of a warning, as is the case in the video after the jump. Now, truth is, this video could easily find its way to the road safety courses for aspiring riders, in the “Don’t act like a moron when riding in a large group” chapter. While these fellows appear to at least have some common sense and ride in a Z or staggered formation, the brave stuntman who’s filming his own massive fail overdose seems to be completely ignoring the slightest possibility that something could go wrong.

Still, it’s not long until life proves him wrong, as the bikes in front of him slow down quickly trying to avoid running over some other guys who were already involved in a crash. It is impossible to be 100% accurate as to what caused the crash ahead, but I’d rather go with failure to maintain formation, one of the most common errors when riding in a large group.

Thankfully, nobody seems to be hurt seriously, and I could almost bet that the fellow who caused the second crash was almost proud to upload with “heroic” video. Too bad that in certain situations some of the less fortunate riders are becoming severely injured, paying a very high price for their momentary lack of reason.

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