Speeding Bikers Panic and Crash in a Silly Way as They See the Cops

Oh look, the cops, let's brake like hell and crash! 1 photo
The accident in the video below could be easily tagged as a “dumb and dumber” crash, and is yet another textbook example of how not to ride on the highway. According to reports apparently quoting the driver of the camera car, the bikes sustained some damage and the riders had to go to the hospital, but without severe injuries. Still, this stupid crash could have been avoided quite easily.
Of course, the first thing which comes to mind is not having sped in the first place, but for the sake of honesty we must admit that when on the highway, this legal speed thing is a little bit harder to cope with. Most of us do at least several mph above the speed limit, so blaming these fellows means blaming us all. Which I will not do.

However, since higher speeds are part of the game, increased awareness and safety precautions would seem natural, isn’t it? I mean, at least make sure there’s enough distance between the bikes. And riding with only one friend makes this exceptionally easy. Safety distance during high-speed riding in a large group can be indeed a tougher nut to crack, but two bikes… come on!

As for the first rider, braking for dear life as he spotted the cops in the opposing lane was a rather mindless maneuver he most likely made without too much assessment of the situation. He should have thought about the fellow in the rear and considered his delayed reactions, especially as there were high chances that he didn’t observe the police cruiser so seeing the bike in the front brake so hard was probably the last thing he expected.

Even more, the rider in the front was exceptionally lucky that the driver of the camera car was aware and did not run him over, a very likely scenario in similar conditions. In the end, everything is even funnier, as there is no way to tell whether the cops had a speed gun pointing at the bikes or not. Maybe the two motorcyclists could have peacefully ridden along, rolling off the throttle a bit and thank goodness the cops missed them. Rushed decisions are definitely not the best when on two wheels. And even if they were about to be flashed, taking it like a man was better than crashing like a moron.

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