Being Stupid, You're Doing It Right

Lolcamera man meets lolrider 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Again and again, the fun of riding in a group can lead to much pain and suffering, just because some of the fellows you’re riding with, or for whom you’re shooting a very cool vide (for what’s worth) are acting completely mindlessly.
It’s not even worth trying to remember how many times I wrote about being aware when on a moving bike as being the most important thing after actually having the proper training and license in your pocket. That is because there are so many things which can go wrong when riding a motorcycle… or simply just not according to the plan.

This obviously includes deviating from the straight line trajectory you’re supposed to follow when riding on a straight road sector, and hitting the very camera guy who’re recording your brave riding deeds. Unlike riders, camera men are not required to wear protective gear, such as helmets or body armor, but I guess that a decent minimal level of self-preservation instinct should be mandatory in action sports.

I mean, the guy filming the ride could have figured out that things are not exactly going well, with the rider not looking at the road and chatting with another (unhelmeted) fellow. And he had plenty of time and space to just move away from the road, possibly recording the way the silly rider would have eventually crashed into the roadside ditch…

Definitely hasn’t anything to do with the fact that the guys are most likely Ukrainian (observe the flag in the beginning of the video): silly is as silly does all around the lol-planet.

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