Walmart Summons Movie Cars in All-Star Live Action Ad

On special occasions, such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the movie-making nation in Hollywood brings together bipedal mammals all-star casts for unique flicks. 
Back to the Future and Jurassic Park cars in one unique image 11 photos
Mutt Cutts Van from Dumb and DumberLighting McQueen from CarsKITT from Knight RiderEcto-1 from GhostbustersBatmobile from Batman vs. Superman Dawn of JusticeDeLorean from Back to the FutureBumblebee from BumblebeeCarriage from CinderellaTour car from Jurassic ParkMystery Machine from Scooby-Doo
Almost never do we get to see a wealth of inanimate objects coming together in one film because of copyrights and the pains one needs to go through to acquire them.

Luckily for us, car and movie lovers, a retail giant by the name of Walmart had both the patience and the money to ask countless studios permission to place before the same cameras – sort of – the machines we loved and cherished as kids and beyond.

On Sunday, Walmart published an ad on Youtube titled Famous Cars, which shows star cars and other means of transportation from Transformers, Jurassic Park and even Cinderella flocking to one of its stores’ parking lots like any mortal Chevy Cruze on a Sunday afternoon.

The ad opens with the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile rushing as if chasing the Man of Steel. Somewhat slower, yet equally noisy, the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters hurries to an unspecified location.

From a desert somewhere, a black KITT from the Knight Rider TV series rushes to what is now clearly a car emergency or something, only to have its run cut short by the smoky appearance of Lighting McQueen.

As soon as the Mutt Cutts Van from Dumb and Dumber comes on-screen, it obvious as to where all the others were rushing to: a Walmart parking lot.

Some of the spaces there are already occupied by Shaggy & Co.’s Mystery Machine and the Family Truckster of National Lampoon's Vacation, but that doesn’t stop the van from wagging its tail.

As some of the cars already mentioned begin loading their groceries with the help of their occupants and Walmart staff, we get to see a Jurassic Park tour car complete with dinos, Cinderella’s carriage, Fred Flintstone’s foot-powered car, and even Bumblebee – the new one – making a spectacular entrance.

Equally exciting is Back to the Future’s DeLorean descending from the sky, just before everyone - or everything - begins bugging out of the parking lot.

The 1:30 minutes-long ad is so filled with famous movie cars that there’s a good chance we missed one. If you can spot it, give us a heads up in the comment section below.


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