Volkswagen Unveils GTI Baby Stroller with 0 HP: They Start So Young

Volkswagen Unveils GTI Baby Stroller with 0 HP: They Start so Young 1 photo
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The old Volkswagen was beginning to look like a monster of the automotive industry, a giant snowball that couldn't be stopped. But a few emission problems later we have a new boss who wants to run a clean, friendly and open shop. Want proof? Look no further than the GTI-inspired baby stroller.
It's an official product secretly launched by VW in Germany. Under Winterkorn, the GTI badge was supposed to strike fear into the heart of the competitors. However, the baby stroller is cute and uses the famous tartan fabric as a piece of trim.

The launch of the GTI Clubsport model indicates that the GTI brand is now 40 years old. The first customers are now pensioners, while the people who bought the Mk5 are now having their second child.

So VW figured that it's time to start making a whole new generation of GTI lovers. This stroller might have 0 horsepower, but it looks like it's made from 100% pure passion.

At each corner sits a tiny version of the 17-inch "Brooklyn" aluminum alloy fitted to every current GTI. Bright red, the trademark Volkswagen color, is used for the aluminum frame of the little vehicle. The latest honeycomb grille design is used on the sides of the stroller and the tartan fabric used for GTI seats is seen here as a special trim.

The push handle that all racing mommies will love to grab is covered in black leather stitched with strong red thread, just like it would be on the steering wheel of a car.

Volkswagen has also just released an ad called Rebuilding Trust where they show how a guy grows up with Volkswagen and eventually takes his wife to the hospital in the new Tiguan. Coincidence? We think not. They are going to pay millions to transform VW into a family brand, trustworthy and friendly. A red stroller is one very small, very unusual and totally unexpected part of that plan.

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