All-New 2025 Audi A5 Avant Render Depicts a Wagon You'd Want Instead of a BMW or a Merc

Audi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for Kolesa 6 photos
Photo: kolesaru / Instagram
Audi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for KolesaAudi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for KolesaAudi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for KolesaAudi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for KolesaAudi A5 Avant rendering by kelsonik for Kolesa
The Ingolstadt-based automaker is preparing another of its signature name reshuffling, so get ready for the arrival of the first-ever A5 Avant compact executive station wagon.
Remember a few years ago when Audi decided to remix the engine designations of its models? So, instead of the famous 2.0 TSI and TDI you got stuff like 55 TSI and 55 TDI, and whatnot? Oh, excuse me if I messed up, and the 2.0 is not the equivalent of a 55 designation. You know what, Audi, no one gives a flying frack about this stuff – if I have a 2.0-liter engine under the hood, I'm not going to call it anything else!

However, here is Audi at it again, and after that minor reshuffling of the e-tron models getting rechristened as Q8 e-trons, we should prepare for much deeper confusion. That's because the even numbers will soon get reserved for EVs while the odd ones will sport some form of ICE power under the hood, including electrified mills. One of the first examples of the new reshuffling is almost upon us, by the way.

So, ladies and gentlemen, prepare to witness the birth of the first-ever Audi A5 Avant – which is actually the direct successor of the Audi A4 Avant with just another numeral in its name. Frankly, since the German automaker doesn't innovate about anything these days, they are trying to keep their white collars occupied with these sorts of stupid things. Wasn't it enough to just name the all-electric models e-tron alongside their traditional A or Q designation and be done with it?

I was rhetorical; there's no need to answer. Hey, even the rumor mill knows everything is just a big joke at Audi – as the automaker doesn't even bother hiding its new generations under the covers of camouflage. Well, since they are usually seen as mild facelifts, why bother paying the guys who expertly cover them in camouflage wraps? They would simply attract unnecessary attention.

If you don't trust me that Audi keeps pushing out one boring design after another, here's an example. The good folks at Kolesa, along with their resident pixel master Nikita Chuicko, aka kelsonik on social media, have imagined the next-gen Audi A5 Avant. And they didn't have to strain their neurons or flex their CGI hands too much – we have seen the Audi S5 Avant almost devoid of camouflage since May this year!

According to the news outlet and the CGI expert, the Audi A5 Avant won't change much compared to the outgoing A4 Avant – it will still feature the same dusty MLB Evo platform that's growing quite long in the tooth already, and you'll immediately recognize it as an Audi from any angle. The modifications, in fact, only touch the grille, which is now slimmer in the unofficial rendering, the front bumper treatment, the door handles, and the rear, where the taillights are slimmer and feature a modern LED strip bar treatment. So, do you want this instead of a 3 Series Touring or a C-Class Estate?

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