Truck Guy Deodorant Ad Is a Prime Example of Lousy Marketing

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We live in a day and age where some individuals that don’t have enough money to buy a cheap as dirt Ferrari Mondial suffice with buying branded goods. As in ridiculously overpriced beachwear and after shave with the Prancing Horse printed somewhere on the product. But whereas Ferrari is something of an ideal for virtually everyone, a deodorant that borrows a Chevrolet pickup truck’s name is far from it.
Cue the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Truck Guy men's body deodorant. Apparently, the golden bowtie manufacturer isn’t pleased with the truck’s sales success alone. That’s why Chevrolet wants to capitalize on a bit of an urban myth about truckers and sell you the previously mentioned deodorant.

I bet you’ve read a lot of studies stating that truck guys or people driving a Civic or something extremely ordinary are a better catch than boys with expensive toys a la Fezzas, Lamborghinis and the sea of other super fast exotica. With this new campaign, Chevrolet is trying to induce the idea that that truck guys are a-OK and an ideal of some sort in the view of both men and women, adults and children.

This commercial is telling us that the new Chevy Colorado body deodorant encapsulates the manliness, allure and mystique of a truck-driving guy. Allure? Mystique? Am I missing the point here somewhere?

Chevrolet’s marketing team goes on with interviewing people inside a supermarket at checkout. When asked about the deodorant and the truck guy “mystique” and “allure”, those shallow made-for-tv people claimed ludicrous things such as “every guy wants to be that rugged guy,” “I could grow my beard out but I can’t,” “I like to think I’m adventurous” and “trucks are cool, trucks are handy,” among other stuff.

The cheesy Truck Guy deodorant commercial ends with a curious finding -  42 percent of deodorant buyers wanted to take it home. LOL. Imagine if your girlfriend or wife returned from her shopping spree with that red thingy: “Ay, hun! I want you to smell like a rugged truck guy, like a real men!” The trollery is high with the Chevrolet brand these days. Too bad this poorly named deodorant does not make justice to both the Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup and the hard-working, down-to-earth truck-drivin’ guy.

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