Trek Whips Out a Solid New Hardtail Mountain Goat for Pennies On the Dollar

Everyone is crazy about e-bikes, and for good reason because they’re awesome. But then there are others who like to rely on the only real motor they can trust, themselves. Plus, e-bikes seem to be too expensive for most people.
Roscoe 6 10 photos
Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6Roscoe 6
If you’ve read the above headline, you’ve probably figured out by now what this is all going to be about. Yes, we’re talking about a hardtail MTB, and yes, it comes from cycling powerhouse Trek. But why show you a hardtail MTB that doesn’t even have a motor on it? Well, because the only real eco-friendly motor around is the human body. Oh, and the bike is hella cheap too, just $1,049.99, and I'm not about to pass up the opportunity to bring that to your attention.

Now the bike itself is known as the Roscoe 6. Another reason why I chose to show you this bike is because it comes in as one of the best-entry level MTBs around. Maybe that’s yet to be determined but rarely has Trek put out a product about which users said they preferred the previous year’s version.

So then, what do we have here? Well, just take a look in the gallery and see things for yourself. I’m only here to tell you about the other less obvious components and aspects. One essential aspect of any bike is the frame. For the 6, the team chose to put it all together using Alpha Gold Aluminum, just a fancy name for some awesome aluminum, complete with internal cable routing and a beautifully solid geometry.

Roscoe 6
One aspect of this hardtail’s frame design that I personally enjoy is the introduction of rack mounts built into the frame. For someone like myself, who doesn’t really know what time he’ll be getting home after his ride, it’s a nice little perk to have in case you need to bring some food or extra drinks. Here’s an idea; why not just be the battery mule for a legion of e-bikes? No takers?

What we also need to take into consideration when talking MTBs is the suspension. Well, the notion of hardtail says all you need to know about a possible rear shock - there is none. But the front is equipped with a little something something to take care of some minor drops, bumps, rocks, and vibrations. An SR Suntour XCM 32 with a coil spring, preload, and lockout takes care of all the above with 120 mm (4.72 in) of travel. Not much? I assure you that it is, as long as you keep the bike within the limits it’s intended for.

Roscoe 6
Guess who’s bringing the drivetrain? Nothing? Shimano, people, who else! A 10-speed Deore setup is perfect for feeding your newfound joy of adrenaline. Everything from derailleur, cassette, and obviously shifters come from Shimano. The brakes too are handled by this powerhouse with 6-bolt hydraulic 160 mm (6.3 in) or 180 mm (7.1 in) rotors. These are sure to stop you no matter what, as this braking setup can be found even on capable e-bikes.

All in all, the entire bike weighs just 34.86 lbs (15.81 kg) and has a combined weight limit (bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 lbs (136 kg). Now, take a break from reading, click here, and possibly whip out that credit card because I personally feel it’s a bike worth owning, no matter your level of experience.


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