Affordable 2021 Sausalito e-Bikes From Marin Are Set to Hit the Streets

One of the biggest issues we face when looking for an e-bike (or anything, for that matter) is the price. That said, it’s time to find ourselves some good ol’ e-bikes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.
Sausalito E2 7 photos
Sausalito E2Sausalito E2Sausalito ST E2Sausalito ST E2Sausalito E2Sausalito ST E2
Find? No, you really don’t need to look any further. What you see in the cover photo is already affordable, packed with good components, and comes from MTB culture fire-starter Marin. Folks, it’s called the Sausalito E2, and it’s not a lone wolf. No, this e-bike range features an Alpha and Omega - just check out the gallery to see what I mean.

The first bike you probably noticed is the E2, which features more of a classic frame geometry. But one thing I enjoy about the frame is it still comes with some of that mountain goat action Marin is known for. Rather than a straight top tube as seen on most other city bikes, this one is angled downward towards the seat stay, offering an aggressive yet elegant blend with the bike's rear end.

As for the second half of this story, there's also the ST E2, available for city-farers. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that the ‘ST’ stands for step-through, but I haven’t looked for any confirmation on this. It is, however, the single most discerning feature between the two, obviously.

Sausalito ST E2
Regarding the rest of the specs, both bikes are showing the exact same setup. Not only so, but even the same price, currently sitting at $2,799. That said, we can also run through the components as if talking about one bike. After all, they’re made to run as a pair, so it makes sense to give them the same capabilities.

One of the main reasons these bikes are so affordable is the use of aluminum for the frame construction. Personally, I find this is best for an urban bike as you’re not usually dropping off any 5-foot (1.72-m) curbs. Plus, it comes off way cheaper than the already standardized carbon fiber we’ve seen these past few years. And don’t worry, folks, with the advancements seen in aluminum forming tech, nowadays, this seemingly prehistoric metal can rival carbon fiber.

This pair is electric, and anytime we find ourselves facing this aspect, we must look at the motor and battery. If you’re worried that the price might be a sign of low-end components, it isn’t. The entire E2 lineup includes a workhorse of a motor, the Shimano STEPS E6100. This puppy is rated for 250W and somehow squeezes out a well-balanced 60 Nm (44 lb-ft) of torque. It’s more than enough to take care of whatever your day throws at you.

Sausalito E2
To complete the drivetrain system, Shimano continues its domination with an 11-speed Deore setup. And to help keep things under control, a pair of 180-mm (7.1-in) Shimano MT201 hydraulic brakes are standard.

The battery pack, however, comes in with 418Wh of juice. Not enough for you? Just pick up a second battery pack and have it ready for when the first is drained. The removable feature allows you to extend your trip as long as a fresh battery is available. The range for one single battery is a bit difficult to gauge as road conditions vary from one ride to the next.

One thing I do enjoy about this bike is the use of a front suspension. Even though most city bikes exclude this component, Marin chose to bring a little bit of comfort to the game with am SR Suntour with 63 mm (2.5 in) of travel, enough to smoothen out any bumps along your route.

Listen, if you’ve got a job and saved up some money because of sitting around the house these past few months, the E2 is the perfect bike for you to embark upon your first e-adventure, or even second.


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