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Transformers 3 Destruction Revealed in Super Bowl Spot

There are still a few good months left until the third movie of the Transformers series hits the cinema screens (the official launch date is July 1), but the excitement surrounding the release keeps building. Dark of the Moon, as the movie is called, promises to be the best yet (and, for the first time, we'll get a chance to see the robots in 3D).

During the Super Bowl night video advertising invasion, the producers of the movie decided to tap into the estimated 100 million people which have tuned in to see the match between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers and released the second trailer for the movie. This time, a more action packed one.

For the first time, we get the chance to see a little of the world created by Michael Bay and his crew while filming on the streets of Chicago or wherever. And, whereas in the first two movies the destruction of the world's cities seemed to have been a little limited in scale, this time it seems epic in proportions.

Dark of the Moon is the movie that explains the connection the robots from Cybertron have with our planet, by taking us into the dark corners of the USSR-US cold war, a war fueled by a dormant Transformer.

As we have seen in the teaser trailer released a while back, the Transformer is found on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission, the first one to have reached the surface of the satellite with humans on board.


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