Toyota Aygo Gets Instagram-Enabled Reverse Camera

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Big car manufacturers aren't some impenetrable fortresses that only open their gates when a new model has to come out. Most of them - the successful ones - are very sensitive to the public's needs, and the best way to find out what your buyers want is to organize focus groups.
The new Toyota Aygo is clearly aimed at young millennials (and food delivery companies, but that's another story), given its perky design, Zorro face, and accessible price. That's why the meeting organized by Toyota to get feedback on how it could make the car better looked like the high school courtyard during recess: lots of young people with their heads deeply buried into the screens of their phones.

We shouldn't be surprised, then, that the biggest complaint these people had about the car was that its reverse camera had very few customization options. "Yeah, I played with the contrast and color settings for about two seconds, but then I was bored. I kept looking for a sepia filter, but came out short. Until they do something about it, I'm sticking to my phone's camera for now," one of the youths said.

Another one commented that "having a camera that doesn't offer Instagram features is stupid," and then he took a selfie while the last word in that sentence was still rolling off his tongue. But Toyota was listening and all new cars that are being produced from now on equipped with the x-touch multimedia display will benefit from the company's latest partnership.

To meet the high level of expectancy of its clients, Toyota's official blog announced the Japanese manufacturer struck a deal with photo-sharing app Instagram that will buff the customization options of the car's reverse camera. Older (more mature) people expressed their consternation towards this feature: "I gave my Aygo to my kid for one day and now every time I reverse, it's black and white. It's like putting the gear shifter in 'R' guarantees a time travel back in the '70s," one desperate father complained.

A certain group of people, though, was very glad to hear about these changes. They're the guys who filmed a whole movie in 2015 using nothing more than the reverse camera of a Toyota Prius. "Had we known Toyota would be doing this, we would have waited and shot it with the Aygo," Mateo St. Portugal, the film's director, said. "But that's OK, I had this brilliant idea for a sequel, so we'll use the new features for this," he continued.

Consider this a heads-up so you won't panic when you see people making weird faces, placing plates of food or their dogs in front of an Aygo's reverse camera. They're not crazy, they're just very young.
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