New Toyota Aygo Is So Nuts Squirrels Are Crunching on It

Toyota Aygo gets chewed by squirrels 1 photo
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It’s true the all-new Toyota Aygo is a lot cooler than the previous generation, fact that makes it more appealable to young buyers and... squirrels, apparently.
Yep, a gang of squirrels made it in the London local news earlier by chewing on a brand new Toyota Aygo and disabling some of its systems. Can’t really tell if trees in the area aren’t providing these cute animals with food, but they seem to like the little car’s components.

Only days after delivery, owner Tony Steeles from Croydon, South London, found his brand new Toyota Aygo chewed by the rogue tree rodents. The aerial as well as the oxygen sensor and other rubber trims were all devastated by the hungry little devils.

The problem seemed to be happening only to this man, as the rest of the cars parked in the area were safe and sound. He thought some of the green components used in the Aygo might seem appetizing to local squirrels, but the dealership said this can’t be happening.

In case you had no idea, some of the parts on the new Aygo, such as the seat cushioning, boot liners, spare tire covers and door trimmings, are made from plastic obtained from castor oil plants to make the car “greener” even from the assembly line.

The dealership where Tony brought his damaged car was pretty shocked up by the events and offered to pay for the inconveniences each time, until they decided to swap the man’s car with a new Toyota Yaris model.

The automaker will run a research to find out if their eco materials are indeed attracting rodents or it was just an isolated case. Guess the new slogan for the Aygo will go from “Got funk yourself” to “Go nut yourself out” soon...
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