First Film Shot Exclusively with a Prius Reverse Camera Is Luckily Just a Funny Sketch

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Things have gone a little out of hand in the art of filmmaking, with the device that captures the image sometimes becoming more important than what the film itself is about.
However, there are some pretty remarkable creations out there that have been filmed using only an iPhone, for example, and we’re not talking about your college-project short film here either - no, there are full-length movies with real actors, producers, and all the associated sound and image technicians that come with the job.

Taking things a little further than most people would feel comfortable with, the YouTube channel called Mommy Comedy thought about filming an entire movie with the lens of a Toyota Prius reverse camera. It’s called “Check Your Surroundings for Safety” and it will never hit a movie theatre near you.

Obviously, it’s just a gag, but it’s a very elaborate one that will keep you entertained throughout the six minutes of this fake behind-the-scenes footage. It touches on most of what’s wrong with the movie industry, things like the inflated egos of some of the people involved and on the misery of others, such as the boom or the camera operator who enjoy this welcomed break from the usual workload.

Why did they choose a Prius? Well, that’s probably another stab at the Hollywood elite who, as we all know very well, were the early adopters of the Japanese hybrid when it first came out, prompting people to name them “snobs” for pretending to care about the environment just for the public image. Since then, some of them have actually turned out to be a lot more than that, but overall the label stuck.

If you’re the type who enjoys a good dose of sarcasm and aren’t looking for laughing out loud (even though that may occur), but rather smirking at the ridiculousness of it all, hit the play button below and enjoy the show.

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