2016 Toyota Prius Drifts in Latest Commercial, Plant Sprouts from Its Tire Tracks

Because the new tagline for the Prius is "Impossible," we really couldn't resist doing the meme. But what they are showing in the video below really is "impossibru!!!" Not only will the electronic nannies stop you from drifting a Prius unless you take out the fuse, but a plant sprouting from the tracks left by a car going sideways is… impossible.
2016 Toyota Prius Drifts in Latest Commercial, Plant Spouts from Its Tire Track 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
This next commercial comes from Toyota Global, a channel we and only 22,804 other weird people follow. We're guessing you guys haven't seen a 2016 Prius doing the Ken Block dance before. It's probably an expensive commercial filmed by a professional team over the course of a couple of days, so it's a shame that only a few people have watched it.

The first part of the nearly 2-minute-long commercial has the same chromatic pallet as your typical Audi video. The Prius is red and sits below bright lights for sharp contrast. They even used footage of the iris closing, just like the recent ad for the R8.

At the press of a button, excitement is triggered, as the screens of the Prius come on and the vehicle is transformed into some kind of rally car. You can forget the fact that it has as much power as a Hyundai Elantra or that a CVT-like gearbox connects to the front wheels - this is a drifting machine through and through.

Random footage from the suspension shakedown, wind tunnel tests and cold weather punishment is then displayed.

But the really weird part of the video is when they show how a green plant comes out after the Prius' tires lightly trample the ground. It might be a hybrid, but Toyota's car still pollutes, so it's not like the second coming of Jesus.

While we seriously doubt you can drive an unmodified 2016 Prius like this, it's undoubtedly better than the old one. The suspension is more advanced, plus we notice flatter cornering and a more compliant rear end in this video. So it's not all marketing bull here.

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